Simple. Powerful. Sure.

World-renowned protection.
Multiple equipment backup.
Continuous data synchronization in the cloud.
Global access to all your files.
Versions by dates of the data.
SoluBackup allows you to make remote backup of your company data, automatically, safely, easily and at low prices.

We support your business so you can focus on what matters most… your work.

SoluBackup offers you a safe and efficient remote backup solution. The best part about all of this is that it is fully automatic.

We encrypt your information with the highest level of protection, we offer you continuous protection and access to your information globally, from any device (iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, Mac).

Backup to your entire business with a single SoluBackup account
With the SoluBackup control panel, you will be able to manage the various backups of your PCs and Servers in one place.

Its centralized console will allow you to observe each computer that is backed up in your account and access the backed up files to recover them or share them to the person you want. All you need to share a file is to have the email address.

Our solution will offers backup of your information in 11 Data Centers worldwide.

This guarantees that your information is available at all times, to be recovered when you need it and using the safest encryption parameters on the market.