SoluBackup for your online backups is the perfect choice for your business. It allows you, automatically, to easily make your backups in the cloud, share your data and recover it from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Cloud backup for unlimited PCs
SoluBackup allows you to back up the machines you need using a single account. Your computers and servers are managed with a single account, eliminating the need for multiple access accounts and thus offering you a simple and functional solution. Because you are not billed for a backup machine, SoluBackup is the most economical way to back up your business.

Continuous Protection of your Data in the cloud
Our Continuous Protection service gives you the opportunity to have continuity of protection of your data. This service backs up any file that you modify the moment you save it on your PC. There is no need to wait for a backup job for this file to be copied. SoluBackup does it right away.

Share files online
With SoluBackup, any of your backup files can be easily shared. All you need is an email address. Select the number of files you want to share with your employees, friends, etc.

Unlimited versions of your Backups
SoluBackup allows you to have a history of each file that you back up with our system. Our search system will allow you to select a file and its status on different dates.

SoluBackup ensures the privacy of your information. Our system uses a triple encryption system which encrypts the information of your equipment in 256AES, in transit in 128bit SSL, and finally 1024AES in the storage server. Users can choose our UltraSafe solution which allows a much higher level of encryption. Only the user who sends the backup will be the only one who can recover it. Unlike other backup solutions in which the data is not encrypted on your computer or on the backup servers, SoluBackup offers you the guarantee that your information cannot be accessed by anyone except you.

Backup your files to your local hard drive
With our solution you can also back up your information to external drives on your PC in order to have a higher level of protection.

Schedule backups
With SoluBackup, you will be able to decide when your backups will be made. Whether these will be done Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Hourly! You control when your information is copied at all times. Due to this SoluBackup consumes low resources of your CPU, memory and other resources.

For Android, iOS, MAC, Windows
Access your data from anywhere in the world through your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows PC and Mac devices.

Data recovery
You can retrieve your data from anywhere in the world, from three places:

Web portal
Mobile application (Android, iPhone, iPad)
Application for Windows and Mac
In case you have access to your computer, it is best to use the computer app, or the mobile app. But if you don’t have access to any of your own devices, you can always access it through any web browser using any device (a hotel business center, a friend’s computer, for example).